Traffic Cop Pranks New Yorkers By Lifting Up Taxi Cab And Their Reactions Are Priceless

We all love a good prank video and this is definitely one of them. The scene is a meter maid in New York City having some difficulties with a taxi cab that is parked illegally. She gives the driver a ticket and asks him to move the vehicle, but he is not having any of it. She is not amused and shows him how to move the taxi by lifting it up herself!

No, she didn’t actually lift the taxi, as the taxi was custom built — they removed the engine and added 5,000 pounds of steel in the back. So, it turns the cab into a seesaw and it is like lifting 15 pounds. However, the “meter maid” definitely plays the part very well and she makes it look tougher than it is.

The reactions of the people standing by is priceless, as some are shocked and one person even thinks she might be the Incredible Hulk! You have to watch it below for a good laugh!

source: youtube
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