Tupac Wrote A Single Letter From Prison Before His Death

Apparently, there was a single letter written by renowned, deceased rap artist Tupac Shakur while he was in prison. This specific letter is currently on sale at an online auction house for the hefty price of $225,000.

This five-page letter was addressed to Nina Bhadreshwar, who worked at Death Row and was the editor of Death Row Uncut magazine at the time. Keep in mind, this was back in 1995, though.

The essay, which isn’t too brief, had quite the statements from the rapper, revealing the ‘thug life’ had become ‘dead to him’. Moments in Time are currently using this letter as a way to offer advice to the black youths of America.

The pages were all scrawled out in blue and black pen, and are slightly hard to read through a computer screen. We imagine they would be a bit easier to understand if held in one’s hand.

Almost one-year after writing this letter, Tupac was shot down in his prime in a Las Vegas drive-by.

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