Two People Arrested For Eating And Taking Pictures On Someone Else’s Boat

Two people in Norwalk, Connecticut, decided they would enjoy their meal and take some pictures on a boat. 20-year-old Julia Armijo from Weston and 23-year-old Renny Isaac of Ridgefield were arrested on Sunday when they decided to eat their food and take pictures while riding on someone else’s boat. The problem was not only that it wasn’t their boat but the family was all on board sleeping.

According to reports, Armijo and Isaac woke one of the family members up while taking pictures. The flash from their camera woke the individual up, who then tried to confront the intruders, however they fled the boat. Police found a receipt from their still-warm food, which was used to track the two down.

When police confronted them, they said they just wanted to take some pictures because they had never been on a boat before. They are facing charges of criminal trespass and breach of peace.

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