U.K Town Makes More Than 30 Millions Dollars Thanks To Banksy’s Dismaland

This has to be a truly ironic twist for an incredible work of art. Banksy is known around the world for his thought-provoking and evocative art installations, and his work on the masterpiece “Dismaland” reflects his skill and intent. “Dismaland” is Banksy’s take on capitalism and the pitfalls of consumer culture, and unfortunately, the installation has become so popular that it is generating quite a bit of capitalism and consumer culture. According to recent reports, a small town in U.K is earning more than 30 million dollars annually, thanks to the tourism created by the artist.

“Dismaland” – an anarchic amusement park, was built on an abandoned pool in Weston-Super-Mare and it features various interesting elements such as a derelict castle, a bumper car, a grim reaper and a dead Cinderella. These were meant to mock various facets of our society like tourism, entertainment and consumerism. The exhibit has now become so popular that local authorities created an art festival around the piece, a move that must have really annoyed Banksy. The event drew a crowd of over 150,000 and lasted five weeks in total. The final day included a concert that featured popular artists such as De La Soul and Pussy Riot.

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