U.S. Festivals Have Banned Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks have been added to the banned items for many festivals this year. Major music festivals Lollapalooza and Coachella have banned items including the selfie stick, with Coachella saying on their official site that “Selfie sticks / Narcissists” are not welcome at the event. Selfie sticks are extenders attached to a smartphone or camera for photo-taking purposes. They have, however, been seen as distractions for artists, other cameras and the people behind the selfie stick user.

This follows decisions in the UK, as major British music venues banned the items, citing that its a public hazard. Lollapalooza has added that GoPro attachments and monopods are also not permitted, so that means if you’re going to either festival, you’ll have to use your arms. The Sun Times, however, does add that the rule may be difficult to enforce “as many festival attendees use long poles or sticks with colorful items attached as a way to locate one another.”

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