UK’s Rarest Animal, A Black Fox, Has Been Spotted In Yorkshire

Britain may be considered a small country in terms of the size of its island, but that does not mean it doesn’t have its fair share of rare animals. Recently, a black fox, one of the rarest of animals in the country, was seen in North Yorkshire.

The man who captured it, Robert Fuller, was speaking with a neighbor, who had told him of a fox scouting out his area. Upon looking closer at this little creature, Fuller discovered it was the rare black fox stalking his property.

Fuller happens to be a wildlife photographer within North Yorkshire, so he instantly recognized this rare fox. He took pictures of the animal, enabling documentation of the small, four-legged creature for everyone to enjoy. Generally, as a fox matures, their fur will begin turning reddish. However, a very small number of these animals retain their black fur, making them incredibly rare.

In Medieval times, a black fox was considered a bad omen. Nowadays, though, they are just beautiful and worth capturing on camera.

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