US Government Sparks Panic With False Tsunami Warning

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection sparked panic in Connecticut after they accidentally sent out a tsunami warning in the area. The National Weather Service broadcast the inadvertent message and told listeners in Fairfield County, Long Island, New Haven, Middlesex and New London that they should prepare for a large tsunami, worrying thousands of residents.

Fortunately, there was no tsunami heading for the state and officials later apologized for the mistake and moved to reassure residents that there was no threat. They explained that they had been carrying out an internal test to ensure that the warning system was fully functioning when it was wrongly broadcast over public radio. The false warning was even more bizarre because Connecticut has never been victim to a tsunami in its history.

It was an internal test for the alert that went live,” said Scott Devico, spokesman for the department. “The message was sent through the emergency alert system. The first thing we did was make contact with the National Weather Service and was told it was an accident.”

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