Vicious Vampire Squirrels Found In The Wild

Nature already has plenty of nightmarish creatures in the animal kingdom. Bears, sharks, snakes and more have the tools to take down unsuspecting humans, no matter their place on the food chain. But as if there weren’t enough already, it may be time to add another to the list: squirrels, of all things, have a breed that threatens to take the predator route.

To be fair, the tufted ground squirrel — otherwise known as Rheithrosciurus macrotis — has been in the books for a good while, but its elusiveness made it more of a legend than a fact of life. Thanks to hidden cameras set up in an Indonesian park, the breed has been successfully caught on camera, and can now monitor their habits in full. Research suggests that they don’t necessarily devour woodland creatures, and still make a diet out of hard nuts. On the other hand, hunters have said they saw squirrels that would willingly jump on deer and assault their necks — and carcasses have been found to prove it.

The safest assumption is that even if the squirrels don’t feed on the innocent, they’re still capable of extreme violence and brutality. In other words, they prove in a flash why no one should cross Mother Nature.

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