Video Punches Right Through The Plot Holes Of ‘Jurassic World’

When the original Jurassic Park was released it was riddled with glaringly obvious discrepancies, but director Steven Spielberg was happy to tell everyone that a lot of those moments were absolutely intentional. But when it came to the sequels, there were no excuses to be made no matter how well-made the films were. Although the exciting new addition to the dinosaur-driven canon isn’t nearly as bad the previous sequels, the comic minds at the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended were happy to point out to everyone just a few of the counter-intuitive story choices that come up.

HISHE asks important questions like, “Why wouldn’t you have your gigantic vicious dinosaur located by its tracking device before you decide it has escaped? If you don’t want the genetically evil Indominus Rex escaping, then why would you put a dinosaur-sized door in the enclosure or at least build a moat like any other zoo?” Or even just “How is it that a new battery is supposed to magically start after sitting around dead for over 20 years?” The answers are funnier than you could imagine.

source: youtube
  • How Jurassic World Should Have Ended

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