Vikings knock down fox sound guy

source: imgur
  • Remastered video of the first viking attack as a heathen Danish raider cuts down a Monk of St. Cuthbert. (796, Lindisfarne. Remastered 2016)
  • I am restoring Byzantine lands from Abbasids, but I accidentally mow down Armenian rebels
  • Sound guy gets destroyed by the team entering the stadium (Minnesota Vikings)
  • HeAthEn VikInG SCum FucKing MurDer ChRiStiAn MoNk On The FieLDS Of DoOm
  • "Sure, this is a 5 minute fix" -- right before code freeze
  • The Vikings team comes out to field, runs over sound guy
  • Noobs that try and join your pug team last minute smh
  • Linval Destroys Fox Sound Guy Bernie Beaudry
  • Vikings knock down fox sound guy
  • Watch out for the players
  • Me IRL

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