Warner Bros Reveals ‘Lego Dimensions’ Trailer

Lego seem to be everywhere nowadays, with movies, games and franchises building swiftly around the empire. Warner Bros have successfully created various titles for Lego video games such as ‘Lego Marvel Super Heroes‘, ‘Lego Lord of the Rings‘ and ‘Lego Batman‘, that are available on multiple platforms.

The latest game in this universe aims at bridging the gap between all Lego Video games created thus far, in order to make multiple popular characters playable in the same game in ‘Lego Dimensions‘. This title seems to be designed as a treat for Lego fans, allowing you to switch between popular universes and play as a multitude of characters. This feels like an interesting game to keep your eye out for if you are a gamer, while fans of the series can still enjoy the trailer featuring Joel McHale from Community.

source: youtube
  • [Video] LEGO Dimensions - Official Announce Trailer | PS4, PS3

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