Watch Rihanna’s Theatrical Video For ‘BBHMM’

Rihanna finally released the highly anticipated video for her hit single, ‘B–ch Betta Have My Money’. The video shows what will happen to you if you don’t pay the Barbados singer the money you owe her.

In the ‘BBHMM’ video, we see Rihanna and her crew kidnapping a woman and are holding her for ransom. Throughout the video they take the woman to various locations all while hiding out from the police as they continuously seek the money they want for the return of the woman. As the video proceeds, we see that the woman Rihanna kidnapped is the wife of her accountant. The video ends in a blood bath, and Rihanna eventually gets the money she is owed.

The ‘BBHMM’ video could be Rihanna’s way of seeking revenge on the accountant that caused her to go bankrupt back in 2009 during her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ era. Rihanna stated that her accountant mismanaged her money that resulted in her losing almost $10 million that year.

source: youtube
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