Watch What Happens When Someone Starts Humming The ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme

Whether you like it or not, “Game of Thrones” is an ingrained part of pop culture: even if you’ve never watched it you are aware of its power over others, and if you do watch it then you know its power of creating real obsession. Its been just over a week and still no one can believe the ending of the fifth season – it is still hard to grasp how so many cliffhangers can fit into just one hour of television. And now the world has to wait until March to find out what happened to all of those beloved characters. But just because there are eight months between now and season six, every fan still has “Game of Thrones” on the brain.

To illustrate just the smallest part of that power, the YouTube channel College Humor made a little video about the infectiousness of its glorious and triumphant theme song. Until this video came about, you probably never realized how big of an ear worm that tune really is.

source: youtube
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