"Welp, grab attempt has failed. I know what I must do."

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  • "Welp, grab attempt has failed. I know what I must do."

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  • Brad Boyer Reply

    Thanks! I just made it to the Battle Tree and started getting crushed. Didn't know what to do next to went to challenge the Elite Four again and also got crushed. Guess it must be time to level grind!

  • Floy Abbott Reply

    My leadership experience is 9 years of USMC (military) experience. I know a thing or two ;) What people lose sight of is what they can control. Which 95% of the time is themselves. We can only reliable improve ourselves. To do that you MUST be self critical. The best players in the world in any Sport or Esport, are almost never satisfied with their performance because they know the made mistakes.

  • Mason Haley Reply

    [](/cadancecry)I know... *She swipes a hoof across her eyes, trying to hide the tears* I couldn't do a damn thing. All because of my bucking estrus. [](/sp) ____ [](/taviohmy)What is the catch? You must be leaving something out.

  • Milo Dickinson Reply

    You know what is super weird... This robot makes me think of a character from a tv show I watched when I was younger. Does anyone remember this kid's show? It was called Candle Cove and I must have been 6 or 7. I never found reference to it anywhere so I think it was on a local station around 1971 or 1972. I lived in Ironton at the time. I don't remember which station, but I do remember it was on at a weird time, like 4:00 PM.

  • Zelma Nicolas Reply

    So basically this thread is telling me to be a WWE superstar. I know what I now must do.

  • Lottie Osinski Reply

    We were winning before you we're engaged and now we have lost... I think you know what you must do

  • Vaughn Oberbrunner Reply

    Hey RealHonor, I asked you this before, but I think you must not have noticed. Do you know any Muslims personally? Like friends, people you sit down and talk with? If so, what is it like just hanging out and being buds with them?

  • Blair Schamberger Reply

    Do you think we don't know the f-word? Like, why exactly does me saying "What the fuck, mate?" mean I'm not really a Muslim? Do you think we're all meek and submissive? And my account existed since before Trump on by a few days, so I must be psychic or something.

  • Ulises Douglas Reply

    I must concede to you on this. I admit I do not know much about sports and was talking from what I've seen in the anime. I'll put more thought into my next comment.

  • Carol Volkman Reply

    "In Spain when they learn Spanish, do you reckon they still call the lesson English?" I had no idea what to say. He must have thought I didn't know either.

  • Murl Tromp Reply

    Must admit that I'm completely clueless when it comes to the CAP, but what I do know is that the CAP is open to all farmers that meet certain criteria, no? It remains to be seen whether this deal struck with Nissan will be available to other car manufacturers.

  • Rocky Kiehn Reply

    Ahh I get It. You must be one of those that run away instead of fighting. I get it bro. You're the one that kept trying to imply I didn't know in a situation like that what my SO would do. I was simply clarifying I did. Don't post replies and then cry when I reply back. Ffs man up.

  • Wilmer Rosenbaum Reply

    This is an interesting reply. Now you have got me wondering what the death grip is and I must go and google it. I really don't know what technique he might use but if the subject comes up again I might ask him. Lol. What I do know is that he is not circumcised, does that make any difference to what you are saying?

  • Hallie Jenkins Reply

    New to watercooling, but smart enough to know a drain is a MUST. I'm going with hardline, so what fittings etc do I need for this? Is it as simple as putting a T fitting on the lowest point, connect a mini valve onto that, then connecting a long enough piece of soft tubing on to put drain out of the case?

  • Demarco Grant Reply

    What kind of brain do you have where you believe that anybody who doesn't criticise the UN must be European? I'd love to know how you made that leap in logic.

  • Mike Beer Reply

    I know of Muslim communities that do not believe what you say they "must." You realize just because you say they have to believe a certain way, that doesn't at all mean they actually do? They don't give a crap if *you* think they're a real Muslim. They still represent Muslims and Islam.

  • Hunter Wiza Reply

    Excelente. You've inspired me :) Now I know what I must do. I guess it'll be a bit experimental, tho RR has allready proven they can be grown up to 40f, I think it may drop further here. We'll see how it goes. Makes it even more interesting. In any case, I love the 2l fruiting chamber.

  • Toby Rohan Reply

    *I thought Yui went through the portal in it three years ago...* I repeat the process of making a mirror and zooming and think to Music, *Do you have one of your eyes with you in the house?* _______________________ "Huh.... ..It must be able to read reapers then... I would've liked to know what it was this morning!"

  • Adrien Stracke Reply

    *Ater smiled, adjusting the cloak on his shoulders.* "Ah, my mistake. It seems like you've learned a lot already. I couldn't speak for a few others I know." *Ater's eyes trailed to the sword on his own hip.* "A reminder. Well, I guess I have quite a few of those too. Say, what kind of weapon do you carry? That arm of yours must give quite the advantage, with whatever weapon you use."

  • Rosalind Klein Reply

    I know what you are trying to do. EYEROLL.. You must take the scriptures as a whole. The bible communicates a clear message re: divorce.

  • Eloise Stiedemann Reply

    Well. They need to pick one age and stick with it. Although I must thank Marlene. Now I know what not to do to my show

  • Suzanne Mohr Reply

    Thank you! I should put more effort on back vowels, that will be a must when I start working with IPA, to be honest you're right, I have to confess I make no difference when it comes to vowels, and it can become a problem I wasn't really aware of. Just to know, mind if ask you if it's too obvious where I am from? What do you say?

  • Cecile Ritchie Reply

    I prefer, "WWMD"? What Would Maud'Dib Do? Which is really cool b/c it has "WMD" in it ;-) And then the classic, though I don't know how it fits your wife's case, "The spice must flow!". Maybe add, "but in your case, not so much."

  • Nelson Abernathy Reply

    I keep finding out new things that they have hidden, first animal style, protein style, then well done fries, now this. I must know, what else do they have?

  • Skyla Abbott Reply

    Yeah he is. Rose or Walker is a must. Typically, I steered clear of City and stuck with Spurs because I didn't know what Pep would do post-Champs League. A costly decision.

  • Everett Ortiz Reply

    Now I know what I must do. I shall decrease the world's fertility rate by 99% so the government forces us to have sex

  • Astrid Mertz Reply

    I now know what i must do for a career.

  • Randy Bartell Reply

    Thanks for the constructive criticism! I don't know what I'd do without this sub! I've climbed from bronze 3/4 to silver 5, so there must have been something there.

  • Alec Wunsch Reply

    Great that you loved the idea and thanks for your comment! And I know.. the inherent destructiveness of (only way they know how) how they do it irks me as well! But it must be done, in the name of science! Also, pardon my ignorance but what/who is HHGTTG?

  • Jordi Russel Reply

    Yeah mods, I know. Do what you must. But \#batsex is real.

  • Virgie Mraz Reply

    I don't know what I would do, but I am not sure I could handle dying kids. Meeting an idol must be less than great if he/she is crying.

  • Porter Tillman Reply

    The link must be getting blocked, I don't know what to do.

  • Gail Romaguera Reply

    Yeah what do I know. Only been fighting all my life and in a couple leagues but hey you watch it on tv so you must know more lol.

  • Bradford Steuber Reply

    I think they are really cool. If you have ever been to an event where thousands are let off at one time you know what I'm talking about. They do seem a bit dangerous but they still do it so there must not be that many places being burned down because of them. I do hate all the videos out there of the little orange dots floating in the sky which are very likely lanterns.

  • Trevion Conn Reply

    R.I.P. OP The said part is, he/she is going to read all of these replies and think "oh what the hell do they know, they have no idea of the intricacies and dynamics behind my work environment. They must all be wrong."

  • Wyatt Huels Reply

    What kind of parties do they have? Do they drink beer, or champagne? I must know!

  • Brendon Cruickshank Reply

    I'm okay with them being posted. i'm just not going to watch them, it's reslly cool people make all of that music and they must work hard on it, but what do i care? it brings nothing to me, i know those songs. unless someone is looking for feedback or asking questions about the structure of the song, i find that really interesting.

  • Joany Boyer Reply

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  • Brandt Botsford Reply

    Sorry, I would try what others said, can't help you more, there must be a mod that did it, try restoring your level.dat from a backup of your world, maybe it will do the trick, if you didn't backup, too bad for you, always backup worlds in Minecraft modded you never know when it will be useful.

  • Corene Erdman Reply

    That's what I'm gonna call it now when I go to move the sprinkler without turning it off and have to jump to stay out of the line of fire. *"'Frog-manning' the 'artillery'"*

  • Kathleen Kris Reply

    for some reason, I kept reading the titles as the frogs name. "Frog Manning, The Artillery" Sounds like a cool nickname his war buddies gave him

  • Hyman Howell Reply

    Maybe the cat is teaming up with [this frog who is manning the artillery.](http://i.imgur.com/hXKBQcv.gifv)

  • Adolph Moore Reply

    I want to help people, but I usually don't know what to say to help with their specific issue in relation to the practice. I must do more reading.

  • Annalise Crona Reply

    Between this and the frog manning the artillery, I'm preparing for the animal uprising.

  • Alta Mohr Reply

    I dislike people like that. I literally do not know what I would do if I was fired. I have nothing to fall back on. And why would anyone think we could change prices willy nilly? That must have been a frustrating conversation.

  • Cecilia Collins Reply

    If A Man Is Manning An Artillery, Then Isnt The Frog Frogging An Artillery?

  • Casandra Stroman Reply

    This frog is frogging the artillery, not manning it.

  • Brisa Zieme Reply

    Do you want to get pregnant? If you must know, I am well over qualified at planting the seed, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ardella Kessler Reply

    *I said 2 choices!* Must you always break the rules? *sigh* I should know better than to tell you what to do. That never works out for any of us that try it...

  • Elinore Smith Reply

    Frog ~~manning~~ **frogging** the artillery