What a goal!

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  • Good luck in your games this weekend, keepers! Remember that situation awareness is a big part of the game
  • When my teammate jumps in front me me clearing the ball in Rocket League
  • what it feels like when your ally drives in front of your shell
  • Giving it your all, only to see your evals
  • when cath reflects 600 damage spitfire
  • 自殺点って言わなくなってずいぶん経つけどまさに自殺点
  • Remind you of anything?
  • Goalie's overhead pass
  • Really hate this bug
  • me_InRocketLeague
  • Me as an NC max
  • What a goal!
  • Insta Karma
  • me irl
  • Sorry!
  • Oops
  • BONK
  • Boop

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