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What a tortilla sounds like on a record player

source: youtube
  • In honor of Cinco de Mayo. The sound a tortilla makes on a record player
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Comments (7)

  • Marie Gaylord Reply

    [What a tortilla sounds like on a record player](https://youtu.be/X_NyayCTfS0)

  • Lexi Dicki Reply

    Another fun fact: someone used a laser record cutting tool to cut the Mexican hat dance song into a tortilla that is actually playable (with terrible sound quality because it's a tortilla) on a record player.

  • Jayda Abshire Reply

    this is now one of my favorite things on the internet, thankyou op :) it's up there with the tortilla on the record player

  • Abby Lueilwitz Reply

    Goes really well with the tortilla on a record player vid

  • Geovany Kling Reply

    >What happens when you put a tortilla in a record player? >[This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1SiveWVIIo&ab_channel=Kyle) happens

  • Marion Kessler Reply

    > (rubs hands all over the surfaces of records, smears peanut butter on CDs, unwinds tape) *Places tortilla on record player*

  • Jaunita Wintheiser Reply

    [Tortilla on a record player](https://youtu.be/U1SiveWVIIo)