What is this contraption?!

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Comments (80)

  • Jimmy Olson Reply

    I'm not overly clear what the intended point of the contraption is... because this looks like what it's meant to do, and that can't be right.

  • Briana Rath Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Deja O'Kon Reply

    Eh, at this point it doesn't even matter if I'm the carry, vision is too important in this game. I'd rather sacrifice damage for a contraption that have my two teammates facecheck bushes, die, and the I get rushed under turret while trying to escape to base. (Which is what the majority of games feel like without vision.)

  • Destiney Kuhn Reply

    I LOL'd! what is that Denon contraption in the pic? looks very.. serious.

  • Dusty Erdman Reply

    Wow, there's a lot of 'what the fuck is that' going on in this picture. Your upper looks funny and there's no tube attached to that gas block, which is outside the handguard. That's a cool contraption you have there.

  • Yoshiko Zemlak Reply

    Okay, more waiting. Bundle *3*?? Is this the third bundle? I only knew of the original bundle: Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and Fantastic Contraption. What was the bundle in between?

  • Faustino Rau Reply

    i dont know whAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR COMPUTER BUT MINE DOES THE SAme thing i do "not" know whaT IS WRONG WITH THIS CONTRaption

  • Pat Bechtelar Reply

    What is that green contraption on wheels?

  • Rahsaan McCullough Reply

    What contraption is this?!?

  • Aurelio Stanton Reply

    What if the person who owns this amazing contraption is in this very post...

  • Marina Pacocha Reply

    What is this magical looking contraption?

  • Gardner Crist Reply

    What is this fancy-looking contraption?

  • Camryn Kautzer Reply

    What is this horrific contraption. Hahaha

  • Mateo Conroy Reply

    Miw, what is this human contraption 😸

  • Jaeden Mills Reply

    do you know what the lift test contraption is called?

  • Schuyler Sauer Reply

    i volunteer as a someone who hasn't heard of an extractor fan. What is this contraption?

  • Rahsaan Mills Reply

    What is that strange contraption you keep tapping with your finger?

  • Terrill Schinner Reply

    wait, what is this contraption you speak of?

  • Koby Muller Reply

    I love the undeterred enthusiasm of that second jump.... only to utterly face-plant.

  • Hermann Oberbrunner Reply

    what is the name of the company that made this sexy contraption

  • Corene Feest Reply

    What on Earth is that delicious looking contraption?

  • Lambert Ward Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Erwin Crist Reply

    What is that contraption she's trying to use to catch the cat?

  • Narciso Blick Reply

    But once the kid sees their dad opening this "secret contraption", then what? I don't think this would work to keep pills away from kids. I see this as a convenient way to hold a weapon that is out of side of small children and thieves.

  • Ruthie Mueller Reply

    that is a beautiful glue contraption. what episode is it from

  • Malika Schmitt Reply

    What on earth is that contraption main girl wearing?

  • Judah Rippin Reply

    What is stupid is that that camera person never pans over. I want to see the business end of this contraption.

  • Mertie Keeling Reply

    Whao what is the point of this big contraption?! Does it do something to the alcohol? Isn't Jaeger typically just taken I'm shots? That's the only way I've ever had it

  • Roger Kessler Reply

    What is that image of the guy with the contraption on his head?

  • Dillon Carroll Reply

    What kind of mechanical contraption is that?

  • Orlando Denesik Reply

    Oh. Wow. I have no idea what I expected this to be... it sure as hell was not what I got though. And is that contraption home made? Or does some hellish void sell this shit?

  • Addison Rogahn Reply

    What is that paracord contraption called?

  • Orie Gorczany Reply

    Brick Separator? What is this infernal contraption? Back in my day you had to rip your fingernails to shreds to get your Lego apart!

  • Delphia Kerluke Reply

    What is this contraption you speak of?

  • Eleonore Kohler Reply

    What is this mystical contraption?

  • Lillie Greenfelder Reply

    ?? What is this contraption

  • Justyn Jerde Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Maude Jacobi Reply

    This is what I love about Redstone: You can make virtually any contraption from machines that fly to locks with quintillions of combinations.

  • Willow Hermiston Reply

    What the hell is that contraption

  • Eldora Kohler Reply

    I'm sorry OP, but that is clearly an Airbender. Need to get your terminology straight. Seriously though what is this contraption she is dancing on?

  • Corene Kreiger Reply

    Does anyone know what the contraption he uses on the eggs before boiling them is?

  • Serenity Beier Reply

    What is the contraption that the grenade is set to trap though?

  • Antonina Jaskolski Reply

    What sort of weird contraption is that?

  • Moriah Reichel Reply

    Hey there. Certified avionics expert here. What I'd say is you found yourself some kind of contraption. I hope this helps

  • Kayden Donnelly Reply

    If you've got some kind of telescopic contraption for the cable slack (I assume this is what you meant), I wouldn't try it.

  • Anahi Bogan Reply

    Well, this photo is confusing... Just what is the story behind that keyboard/water-hose contraption?

  • Sterling Ferry Reply

    "What is this contraption in front of me?..? I don't know whether to smile or stare at it"

  • Garrick Weimann Reply

    what is that contraption?

  • Albina Turner Reply

    What is this contraption I haven't heard of?

  • Devonte McDermott Reply

    What amazing contraption is this?

  • Zackery Metz Reply

    What is this contraption

  • Ericka Wunsch Reply

    What is the name of that contraption?

  • Rosalinda Lowe Reply

    What is the use of this contraption?

  • Jacinto Friesen Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Fern Wiza Reply

    What the hell kind of contraption is on his 1917 vintage rifle?

  • Salvatore Schaden Reply

    What... what is this contraption?

  • Juwan Satterfield Reply

    Wow! What is this strange contraption!? I have NEVER seen one before!

  • Trever Nader Reply

    Damnit Jerry! What is the contraption and how does it work?

  • Hayden Sawayn Reply

    What is this notecard contraption you speak of?

  • Katarina Kutch Reply

    what is that belt contraption she has on???

  • Sabryna Herman Reply

    I have no idea what these are, but this contraption is fucking nifty.

  • Luther Collins Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Lucius Littel Reply

    He's a Dev for Fantastic Contraption. He probably has a good idea of what he is talking about.

  • Pietro Grady Reply

    What is this hellish contraption?

  • Fausto Legros Reply

    Yeah, I was picturing like a heavy briefcase type contraption. Makes sense to drop that. I think the healing is too much. At 9th level this is an improvement over a 3rd level concentration spell. What if it just bumped to 1d6 at 13th level?

  • Karina Ondricka Reply

    Isn't that what a bidet is? A weird contraption that shoot water up your asshole?

  • Amanda Stoltenberg Reply

    [A cool theory](https://m.mic.com/articles/147172/this-game-of-thrones-fan-theory-finally-explains-what-this-contraption-from-the-intro-is#.5grIS2FQS)

  • Russell Russel Reply

    That is naturally what I thought seeing this contraption.

  • Weldon Kemmer Reply

    What is that trailer contraption you have going on?

  • Amir Bradtke Reply

    But what a great 3 minutes for him that is...im pretty sure you can see that for free on this interweb contraption thing

  • Adriel Heidenreich Reply


  • Toy Wisoky Reply

    If you pause the video the moment he pulled out the contraption from his mouth, the length is actually shorter than what he placed in prior to the... Uh "shooting". My guess is, it's a prop of some sort? Can anyone confirm this?

  • Edison Paucek Reply

    "What is the contraption you are holding," *Ebony asked, pointing at the watch. Something was clearly ofd about this man. It seemed like his deadpan personality wasn't some type of joke or cultist trait...*

  • Jermey Ritchie Reply

    What in gods name is that contraption?!?

  • Dusty Hansen Reply

    What is this contraption?

  • Mabelle Wolf Reply

    What is this contraption.. words that magically appear on a piece of tree sheet?

  • Asa Powlowski Reply

    What miraculous contraption is that?

  • Geovanni Watsica Reply

    What the fuck is this contraption?

  • Peyton Armstrong Reply

    Georgia here, what is this contraption I'm using?

  • Ron Lind Reply

    What is this contraption?