Wheelchair Teen Proves More Courageous Than Her Mugger, Fights Back And Wins

What do you do when you see a person in a wheelchair? Do you sympathize for them, do you try to help them or do you just curse them and try to take advantage of their situation by stealing from them? Well, Milan Bugala, a 51-year-old man definitely thinks the latter, as he tried to steal from no other than an 18-year-old girl bound to a wheelchair due to her disabilities.

Trying to withdraw some money from the ATM to have some pizza with her friends, Megan Luscombe, who is in a wheelchair because of a genetic disease, was attacked by a mugger who tried to steal the two £10 bills from her hand. Not panicking and remaining perfectly calm, Megan gripped tightly the two bills and told him to stop what he was doing. “I may be small, but I have a strong grip. I can’t walk, but I’m quite strong with my arms,” the teen shared to the Western Daily Press.

Although she couldn’t stand and slap the coward in the face, three man who noticed the situation quickly grabbed hold of the mugger and shoved him against the wall waiting for the police to arrive. “People in wheelchairs are seen as easy targets, but the thief underestimated me. I can be pretty determined when I want to,” Megan continued as she further thanked the people who managed to help her.

As for the police, an official spokesperson for the Gloucestershire Constabulary stated that the man was truly a coward. In the end, justice truly prevailed as Milan was put behind bars and jailed for 18 weeks.

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