When you don't pull up close enough

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Extendo.... fail
  • As someone who works in fast food, I hope this happens to people who don't pull up close enough to the window
  • If you can't figure out how to drive up to a window or put your car in park, you might be a dumbass
  • Reaching for food from the drive through, WCGW?
  • His freedom fries tasted like defeat that night
  • HMF while I try to HMF from the drive through
  • Lesson about not being to far from the window
  • When you pull up too far from the drive thru
  • Never get out of your car at the drive-thru
  • HMB whilst I grab the quarterpounder
  • When you don't pull up close enough
  • Just reach a little bit further
  • Man drops food at drivethrough
  • Just getting some fast food
  • Not pulling up close enough
  • Almost.. Almost.. Got it!
  • The failure was titanic
  • Jesus take the Wheel
  • Drive-thru distance
  • Reach for it!!! !
  • Letting go
  • ashkan_irl
  • me irl

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