Woman Arrested For Marrying 10 Different Men In 11 Years

The gig is finally up for a New York woman who married 10 men in the space of 11 years. The kicker is that she never divorced any of the men. 39 year old Liana Barrientos has been getting married again and again and again, since 1999.

The information came to light when Barrientos filed for her 10th marriage license. Her previous licenses were obtained in Long Island, New York, Westchester County and 2 were filed in Bronx.

Police believe she was marrying these men to get them into the country though she never bothered to legally change her name. Seven of the men are reportedly from “red flagged” countries which include Mali, Georgia, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey. NY Daily News reports that “the first license was dated Nov. 5, 1999, to husband Mohamed Gerbril, and the last on Aug. 3, 2002, to groom Kakhaber Khorbaladze — her sixth marriage that year

Liana was arraigned on Friday, April 10, for 2 counts of felony fraud charges, and has pleaded “not guilty“, although she has admitted to receiving money for her actions. If convicted she faces up to 4 years in prison.

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