Woman Has Tapeworm Larvae Removed From Deep Within Her Brain

Most people these days tend to suffer from a headache on occasion, but one woman recently had a bit of a problem with her particular headache.

Yadira Rostro suffered from some terrible headaches – some of which literally blinded the woman – for a period of nine months before she sought help from a doctor. Those doctors, all of which were shocked at the discovery, found a parasite living within her skull. They prepared the 31-year-old woman for immediate surgery.

The cause of her headaches ended up being a tapeworm larvae. Doctors believe she obtained the creepy critter while on holiday in Mexico two years ago. She may have eaten some food that had been contaminated with fecal matter during this little vacation. Her bloodstream had become infected before the parasites entered her brain.

Being such a rare case, doctors certainly wanted to tell the tale and even video taped the removal of the tapeworm from her brain. The entire thing is pretty gruesome, honestly.

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