Woman Lies About Rape, You Won’t Believe How She Was Found Out

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA – A woman has been charged with false reports to law enforcement and tampering with evidence after reporting a rape that never happened. The crucial evidence that uncovered her lie came from her FitBit.

43-year-old Jeannine Risley claimed she was sexually assaulted while staying at her employer’s home in March of this year. She stated that at midnight, an unknown man came into the home, dragged her from her bed into the bathroom and raped her at knifepoint.

However, attending officers could find little to corroborate her story, despite some overturned furniture and a strategically placed knife. When they found no footprints in the snow outside and no forced entry, they became suspicious of her claims. Police checked Risley’s phone and laptop, then moved onto other electronic devices including her fitness tracker. The FitBit showed that at the time she said she was sleeping, Risley was active – the type of data suggested she had been walking around the house.

Detectives believe that the story was made up in an attempt to gain sympathy. Not long before the supposed attack, Risley had been told by her employer that she would no longer be required as a temporary director with the company, and was to inform staff. This announcement was to take place the week of the reported rape, but no announcement was made. The house she where she alleges the rape took place was the home of the employer.

Risley has also been charged with false alarms to public safety, after her report put locals on alert for a possible rapist in the area.

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