Woman Notorious For Feeding Bears Becomes Lunch

We’ve all seen signs outside of national parks asking us not to feed bears, however an elderly Montana woman recently learned just why those signs are posted. Authorities say the woman was known for feeding bears at her home and it appears one of them wanted a bit more than what she was willing to give. The woman was attacked inside her home and authorities say the attack was quite severe.

According to the Missoulian, authorities said that “Investigators could not determine the bear’s point of entry into the residence, but the bear exited through a window.” The age of the woman — beyond being elderly — has not been stated and her official status isn’t known either, though hospital officials have said she’s not out of the woods just yet. Bear traps have been placed around the area of the attack but so far, Fish and Wildlife says they haven’t been able to find the animal that carried out the attack.

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