Woman Sent To Prison After Suffocating Eight Babies

A woman has been jailed for nine years in France after being convicted of suffocating eight babies, Sky News reports. 51-year-old Dominique Cottrez at first told the police she was convinced she had the children from an ongoing sexual relationship she had with her biological father. The tests proved her husband Pierre-Marie Cottrez is the real father of the murdered infants and in a dramatic turnaround she admitted to making up the whole story in order to justify her actions.

It took the jury five hours to come up with the decision that the woman’s judgment was impaired at the time of the killings that happened between 1989 and 2000. Cottrez was convicted of seven counts of first degree murders and one count of second degree murder for the first infant she murdered. Most of the killings happened in her bathroom after she secretly gave birth to the babies on the floor covered with towels.

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