Woman Sitting At McDonald’s For Hours On End Found To Be Dead

A woman who spent the entire night sitting in a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant within Hong Kong was thought to just be sleeping or resting. Initially, the older woman entered the establishment and only ordered a water before she sat down at one of the restaurant’s booths.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that she was dead for quite a long time. At first, the local staff working those hours saw her moving around, so they thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until the next morning that they discovered she had died within the 24-hour fast-food joint.

Rent is so extremely high within Hong Kong that no one really cares or noticed homeless people spending the night within a restaurant for some safety and warmth. In fact, many joints allow this to happen.

This woman, who was thought to be in her mid-50s to early 60s, was found dead at 8:30 in the morning over the weekend. She was slumped over the table for the past seven hours, but no one thought anything of it. Hong Kong police said: “Officers arrived upon a report from a female customer (that a person was found to have fainted). The subject was certified dead at the scene.”

It is truly disheartening to hear of a woman passing in this manner.

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