Woman Stabbed In The Eye With A Fork Over BBQ Ribs

In what can only be described as utterly ridiculous, an argument over barbecue ribs led to a woman being stabbed in the eye with a fork. 45-year-old Sabrina Davis was at a house party with several other guests when she was accused by one partygoer of eating the last piece of BBQ ribs.

Davis did not respond well to the accusation, according to Huffington Post,Davis allegedly responded by plunging a serving fork into the woman’s eye, which caused at least two small lacerations on the left eye. The victim’s eyes were “swollen and bloodshot.” Davis was later arrested and charged with criminal recklessness. She is still in the Delaware county jail where her bond is set at 5,000 dollars.

According to records this is not Sabrina’s first brush with the law, she has also been convicted of prior charges which include theft and conversion.

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