Woman Succumbs To Shark Bite Injuries In Maui

Hawaii is considered paradise for a lot of people, but one 65-year-old woman’s time there turned out to be a nightmare. The woman is yet to be identified, but her body was found floating about 200 yards off shore from a popular surfing spot in Makena State Park in Maui early yesterday morning. Paramedics attempted to revive her after swimmers brought her to shore, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly after. No one witnessed the actual attack, but her injuries are consistent with shark bites.

The woman had been snorkelling with two friends but separated from them at some point, and that is thought to be when she was attacked. She lost an arm in the accident and also suffered injuries to her torso.

This is the third fatal shark attack in the waters around Makena in less than two years. The area where the woman’s body was found will be closed off for swimmers until at least Thursday afternoon.

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