Woman Suing Sperm Bank Over Bi-Racial Baby

A white woman has attempted to sue a sperm bank for impregnating her with the child of an African-American individual, not a white gentleman like she had originally expected. The woman, who took the case to court, has lost her lawsuit, however.

Jennifer Cramblett filed the suit last year after giving birth to bi-racial child after visiting Midwest Sperm Bank. The sperm bank knew their mistake and apologized for the issue, and have even given Jennifer a complete refund of all her money.

However, Jennifer took the sperm bank to court for “wrongful birth and breach of warranty, citing the emotional and economic losses she has suffered.” She attempted to sue for $50,000 in damages.

The judge said: “Attorneys for the sperm bank had argued that “wrongful birth” suits typically apply to cases where the child is born with a birth defect that doctors should have warned parents about; in this case, the child was healthy. Cramblett had also sought damages for a “breach of warranty.” The judge rejected both claims but said that Cramblett could refile the suit as a “negligence claim…”

So, in the end, this woman is going through a legal process because her baby is of mixed race. Quite shocking, really.

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