Woman Unfortunately Sees Donald Trump’s Face In Her Butter

Donald Trump has been all over the news recently, mostly due to his controversial comments, but you wouldn’t believe where he just turned up — in a tub of butter. Jan Castellano, a woman who lives in Missouri, saw what she perceived to be an angry, open mouthed image of the presidential hopeful when she opened her lid of ‘Earth Origins Organic Spread.’

Jan didn’t seem too pleased with seeing Trump’s face, but she did post the image on her Facebook page leaving many to speculate on whether or not the image actually resemble Trump. Despite many arguments disputing the similarities, Jan was none too pleased with the image she perceives to be Donald Trump, “I’m pretty tired of this man already… now he’s showing up in my butter… when I opened the new package, removed the plastic… poof… the Donald.

While some wonder why she sees something that others don’t. Pareidolia – the process by which the mind perceives a familiar pattern where there is none. Due to the presidential elections, Donald’s face is one of the most recognizable at the moment, thus Castellano’s brain automatically pictured Trump in the pattern on the butter.

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