Women In Hong Kong Trying To Diet By Staring At The Sun

Reports coming out of Hong Kong indicate that some women have taken up a brand new diet fad that is probably stranger than any other that you have ever heard of. It involves looking directly at the sun just before sunset and apparently absorbing the ‘solar energy’ that it gives off so that you don’t have to eat as much food.

One of those trying out the supposed weight loss method said: “We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less and others don’t have to eat at all.”

Experts and medical officials recommend that you should never look directly at the sun, even with protection such as sunglasses, as the UV rays can cause damage to the eye. Just short bursts can cause painful scarring of the tissue in the eye while looking at the sun for a longer period of time can also lead to permanent damage of the retina and partial or complete blindness.

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