World’s Strongest Girl Is Travelling To War-Torn Syria

Maryana Naumova, touted as the World’s strongest girl or ‘Princess of the Barbell’, has made her way to the war-torn area of Syria in order to speak to students, athletes and female guards in the region. She told NBC News that she had been invited by the First Lady of Syria, Asma Assad, and was looking forward to making the most of her visit to the country.

Naumova has not only been one of the leading teenage girls in the field of weightlifting, but has been a model ambassador for the sport by travelling to places such as North Korea and Ukraine in order to contribute in numerous ways and uplift the spirit of the people. The teenager has been one of the best in her field ever since she started pumping iron at the age of 10 and can now bench press 330 pounds, a feat that has won her 24 under-18 records in weightlifting.

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