Worst Tattoo In The Entire History Of Mankind

Terrible tattoos are nothing new; there have been plenty of lists made showcasing the worst examples of this body art. From bad designs, awful tattooists and atrocious grammar, some people should walk straight from the tattoo parlor into the nearest laser removal clinic. But it seems we have now reached the absolute pinnacle of ill-conceived inkings, with this Bon Jovi tribute piece.

Reported by the Mirror, it’s been confirmed as a real tattoo by the recipient’s friends and girlfriend. Not only does the penmanship give it the appearance of having been done by a four-year-old, but the extra ‘is’ (the original song title being “It’s my life”), and the complete misspelling of Bon Jovi is what catapults this work to the title of ‘Worst Tattoo Ever’

Whether this entire tattoo is the fault of the person getting it, the tattooist, or even if it was purposely done this way as a joke, it will forever find a place on future ‘most regretful tattoo’ lists.

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