Yak Flip

source: imgur
I really love Yaks. Message me for fun yak facts.
  • In Spring, young male cattle put on long fur coats and perform gymnastics to establish dominance
  • When you cast Failed Experiment before you play Yak Attack
  • When you go in for tackle but overshoot the target
  • Hityak does somersault to avoid retaliation
  • Yak does A Flip After Charging At Other Yak
  • This Yak TOTALLY meant to do that
  • Yak flip [Something Sunday]
  • When a GNU Library crashes
  • Yak attack backfires
  • Horns Can Be Trouble
  • Yak.exe has crashed
  • Crazy Yak Attack
  • Yak In Action
  • Yak Scorpion
  • Yak-robatics
  • me irl

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