You’ll Never Believe What These Tourists Did At The Roman Colosseum

Two women were detained by security after they carved their initials into the Colosseum walls. They might have gotten away with it if they hadn’t taken a selfie of their work. The two women snuck away from their tour group and used a coin to mark the letters “J” and “N” into the Roman Amphitheater

Other tourists in the group caught the vandals and alerted security. The travelers, whose names have not yet been made public, were charged with “aggravated damage to a building of historical and artistic interest.” The two girls claimed they didn’t think what they were doing was such a big deal.

We did not imagine it was something so serious,” one of the girls said. They added that they will remember the rules “for a lifetime“. The price of the charges was not released, but it’s imagined to be pretty substantial. Whatever the case, that was a pretty pricey lesson to learn.

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