You seeing this shit?

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  • Ivy Reynolds Reply

    That one buffalo in the background is like "...You seeing this shit?"

  • Bradly Mosciski Reply

    He's like: "You seeing this shit? I'm the fucking president and this is what I get?"

  • Delbert Ebert Reply

    Holy shit.

  • Letitia Corwin Reply

    holy shit

  • Aurore McClure Reply

    Top shit post gentle sir

  • Pietro Goyette Reply

    Holy shit barbed wire fence!

  • Frida Krajcik Reply

    good shit

  • Dorothy Lockman Reply

    Good on you for seeing sense. This shit could get scary real quick.

  • Emerald O'Connell Reply

    Holy shit

  • Fletcher Orn Reply

    I really like Dhani Harrison's face when Prince is shredding. The way he looks around like "Are you guys seeing this shit?"

  • Jordan Williamson Reply


  • Delta O'Conner Reply


  • Daron Marks Reply

    LOL shit teams

  • Lessie Collier Reply


  • Chet Gulgowski Reply

    Some sit on the fence. Some shit out a fence.

  • Rylan Cronin Reply

    I know you're seeing this shit.

  • Breanna Spinka Reply

    o shit

  • Kaylee Olson Reply

    Holy shit, you look like you could eat an apple through a chain link fence.

  • Cameron Fadel Reply

    On the left I see a wolf that is looking at me like, "you seeing this shit?"

  • Tyrel Lind Reply

    Shit thats amazing

  • Isadore Dicki Reply

    holy shit the memory

  • Fannie Price Reply

    Holy shit did you see that fence bending? Kanye saw it and still went under it, he's a good guy.

  • Therese Borer Reply

    lol at the dude who jumped over the fence to give him shit

  • Dawn Larkin Reply


  • Greg Barton Reply

    Listen here you little shit, I'm tired of seeing people getting ripped off. People like you are the reason this economy is going to shit

  • Rupert Osinski Reply

    Holy shit

  • Wilfredo Littel Reply


  • Delphia Wyman Reply

    Here to say this too. If that bear wanted to go that fence isn't stopping shit.

  • Jacinthe Leffler Reply

    Shout "allahu akbar" from behind a fence and watch all shit break loose.

  • Bertha Torphy Reply

    Holy shit.

  • Sabrina Yost Reply

    Can you please stop spamming every thread with this shit? It won't help you get a refund. I'm getting pretty bored of going through modmail and seeing your name.

  • Antwon McKenzie Reply

    It's shit now.

  • Ona Tromp Reply

    I'm on the fence over quality win vs them eating shit.

  • Krystina Johnson Reply

    Oh shit, beanyak your the guy I played against earlier this morning, I was the oldie that killed you with your own m2 when you were jade, neat seeing you here

  • Mollie Hettinger Reply

    You want people to stop seeing veganism as a privileged white-people thing? Then don't make stupid shit like this news

  • Barney Davis Reply

    Nothing better than waking up on a Saturday making a cup of coffe checking /r/the _ donald and seeing a live stream. It's like he schedules this shit for me personally. Oh, you.

  • Else Koss Reply

    Bruh that fence is made of mithril bear can't do shit

  • Ayden Schuppe Reply

    Ahh shit ..

  • Tremaine Stehr Reply

    Holy shit.

  • Oswaldo Tremblay Reply

    How about we tie him to a fence and kick the shit out of him. See how he likes. Fucking scum.

  • Brendan Adams Reply

    Dude, NSFW that shit

  • Dax Pouros Reply

    Haha I love the guy at the end who's just like "You seeing this shit?"

  • Autumn Huel Reply


  • Lew Mohr Reply

    Well, shit.

  • Luciano Wilkinson Reply

    How can you be so fucking sure of this release after seeing the absolute shit tier releases of both BF3 *and* BF4....

  • Ramon Leuschke Reply

    oh shit I just essentially said this without seeing you basically said a shorter version of it first. Have an upvote.

  • Dariana Barton Reply

    Mods, you seeing this shit?

  • Edwardo Yost Reply

    this guys sounds like kind of a piece of shit. you should honestly stop seeing him if that's how he is going to act

  • Leonor Zulauf Reply


  • Terrence Schulist Reply

    o shit

  • Obie Torp Reply

    What the shit is de-fence?

  • Hermann Dicki Reply

    I love this kind of shit. I like seeing artists in the studio doing their thing. If you'd shown me this in 1996 I think my head would have exploded.

  • Scottie Douglas Reply

    MOST people do. If you were right you'd be seeing shit every 10 feet. This is coming from a dog owner in Baltimore city.

  • Lawrence O'Keefe Reply

    So, after seeing all shit I'm receiving in this thread, the thing you have to say to me is "you're a bit worked up"...

  • Erna Bailey Reply

    Shit, if I knew you guys liked seeing stuff like this from Robin, is be posting them all the time.

  • Levi Kemmer Reply

    Throw dog shit over the fence into my neighbors yard

  • Martina Goldner Reply

    Holy Shit. Guys, are you seeing this?

  • Margarett Marquardt Reply

    I was on the fence of bull shit until you grade schooled me.

  • Kaylee Ullrich Reply

    "are you seeing this shit?"

  • Annabelle Schmeler Reply

    *sweet chil o'mine* Does it make you sick? It doesn't make me sick. It scares me. It scares me the fact that I don't get sick seeing this shit. This is not right, man.

  • Jeramy Roberts Reply

    *"are you seeing this shit???"*

  • Leonardo Crooks Reply

    Are you seeing this shit, human?

  • Fae Wisoky Reply

    You son of a fuck shit dick ass. This the kind of stuff you fear seeing in your inbox?

  • Felton Schmidt Reply

    Oh, lines on a map won't do shit. Guns and a fence, on the other hand, can achieve quite a lot.

  • Tanya McGlynn Reply

    Why would you build a fence out of shit? That seems unsanitary.

  • Anita Hilpert Reply

    >buying off of eBay You know, my dad always said he's had the best of luck with eBay and that I should try it but after seeing shit like this, how about not.

  • Emory Abbott Reply

    Rohan the type of player where you wonder if he'll ever get a good run of games. So unfortunate. Especially hate seeing this shit in finals.

  • Zoie Kovacek Reply

    O shit, roasted

  • Maymie Kunde Reply

    Holy shit

  • Flossie Roberts Reply

    No, you're not evil at all. Anger is understandable when we keep seeing shit like this happen to us.

  • Juwan Bradtke Reply

    Holy shit.

  • Marquise Ullrich Reply

    That was some shit fence.

  • Orlando Rowe Reply

    revelations is shit so far

  • Jett Little Reply

    I was ready to shit myself if that went over the fence

  • Donnie O'Kon Reply

    Oh shit

  • Astrid Grimes Reply

    Holy shit India

  • Wade Satterfield Reply

    Oh shit!

  • Jaydon Mann Reply

    White picket fence, white power, who gives a shit?

  • Paris Jerde Reply

    No shit

  • Philip Heaney Reply

    Holy shit what a bomb! Pence over the fence!

  • Marietta Senger Reply

    I swear its smirking, like "you seeing this shit? Bitch thought he could play with the big bous!"

  • Jacey Schmidt Reply

    They did. The fence was broken, so they got their shit together and fixed it

  • Velma Bergnaum Reply

    If you are seeing them outside of their dorm room, they are wearing pants. This is a stupid shit post.

  • Alejandra Hand Reply

    Horses must get tired of that shit "YOU HOP THE GODDAMN FENCE!"

  • Bart Schmitt Reply

    Just roll with it man xD. He Carpented the shit out if that fence xP

  • Bruce Littel Reply


  • Brando Nikolaus Reply

    Oh shit!

  • Ryann Sanford Reply


  • Roman Kuphal Reply


  • Ewell Waelchi Reply

    What kind of shit contractors wouldn't put a fence up?

  • Rozella Adams Reply

    Holy shit

  • Dedrick Ebert Reply

    God that game was shit.

  • Myron Farrell Reply

    oh shit

  • Beverly Lueilwitz Reply

    Shit finishing

  • Chadd Heller Reply

    Yea a bunch of pitty pat shit on the fence. Connecting with no leverage.

  • Mireille Rath Reply

    I like how she's looking directly at the viewer, like the 4th-wall breaking "are you seeing this shit" looks they do on The Office

  • Sim Wilkinson Reply

    Psy-op bull shit. This is just going to motivate People on the fence to vote for Trump.

  • Mathew Hoppe Reply

    Ohhhhhhhh shit, that's a chain link fence he's standing on. :(

  • Selmer Ward Reply

    This is one of the cases when shit didn't hit the fence.

  • Jared Herman Reply

    Holy shit. This is absolutely amazing. I love seeing your face and how great the orgasm feels for you... I wish I could watch your entire face the entire time.

  • Zola Goyette Reply

    Use capsaicin oil on the sign. Or maybe rig one up with an electric fence box and shock the shit out of them.

  • Mae Brown Reply

    How did the dog shit over a fence?

  • Carley Hoeger Reply

    Can stay till whenever but you will have to climb over the fence (small wood fence shit)

  • King Nitzsche Reply

    lmao holy shit

  • Anjali Feest Reply

    Jason keeps gripping the fence with his toes. Penalize that shit

  • Tessie Nikolaus Reply

    Holy shit!! "El Rato" in full liberal drag posing on a fence!!

  • Lynn Hyatt Reply

    Bro you seeing this shit? New favorite sub.

  • Raleigh Emmerich Reply

    'you seeing this shit?' - cat

  • Alphonso Schmitt Reply

    "Are you seeing this shit, Michelle?"

  • Eliza Keebler Reply

    Shit is this an official in game mode? This will push me off the fence if so.

  • Hadley Rath Reply

    I'd take *your* fence down if he keeps up his shit.

  • Aliya Abshire Reply

    Holy Shit

  • Heather Berge Reply


  • Julien Koch Reply


  • Katlyn Reichert Reply

    not this shit

  • Sasha Heller Reply

    Just when I was on the fence about keeping my beard.... that shit will grow back.

  • Edgardo Zemlak Reply

    Oh shit congrats

  • Hilton Breitenberg Reply

    Seeing a song on /r/music and going on just to say "this music is shit" will get you downvotes on any song and deservedly so.

  • Sarina Lemke Reply

    Do they really think a 6 foot wire fence is gonna stop the shit tsunami?

  • Gage Bins Reply

    Hole Lee Shit ! !

  • Duane Goyette Reply


  • Adriana Lebsack Reply

    Guys, can you please elaborate? I hate seeing short answers on this subreddit. Why was it such a good concept? Shit like that.

  • Carlo Fadel Reply

    Oh shit

  • Judy Kunde Reply

    that's not true at all. there's about a million cops in america. if there was more bad cops than good you'd be seeing this type of shit on a daily basis.

  • Derek Lang Reply

    wtf is a shitpost? is it like a fence that you throw shit?

  • Devyn Brakus Reply

    Call it stupid if you want, but seeing as the shooter as on the loose, the guy that did the filming did a huge help in catching this piece of shit.

  • Ramiro Dickinson Reply


  • Laurel Murazik Reply

    True shit watson

  • Gabriella Ullrich Reply

    Seriously, what the fuck mods? You guys banned this shit for a reason. I hate seeing all these political posts and they're all basically the same.

  • Junior Heller Reply

    No shit.

  • Micheal Swaniawski Reply


  • Gabriel Padberg Reply

    This so much. My heart rate goes up just thinking of that part. The other sniper telling you not to move, and seeing a shit ton of enemy soldiers with tanks coming up to you was crazy.

  • Roberto O'Kon Reply

    "Are you seeing this shit?"

  • Aisha Muller Reply

    damn. i was always on the fence about going there, but this type of shit kind of makes up my mind on the whole subject.