You Won’t Believe These 20 Crazy International Laws

It’s Illegal To Change A Lightbulb – Australia

In Victoria, it’s actually illegal to change a lightbulb within your own home, something which is impossible to observe and maintain in daily life. The saying goes that if you’re not committing a crime, you’re not having a good time and it seems likely that most Victoria townspeople have taken this saying and ran with it. The question is, however, what happened in this city which made it so dangerous for people to handle small electrical good in their own homes?

Taxi Cabs Must Carry a Bale of Hay – Australia

Have you ever found yourself driving in Australia and realized, suddenly, that you weren’t carrying any hay in your car? In a strange and very old Australian road law, it is actually illegal to drive anywhere in a taxi cab without carrying a bale of hay with you. The law hails from a time in which taxi cabs were made up of horses and carts and to ride without a bale of hay was similar to driving without any extra petrol to see you through your journey.

Women Are Incapable of Adultery – India

Having an affair in India is a serious thing. Embarking in a marital affair completely undermines the vows taken in marriage, the bond between a man and his wife and the rules of society. If you’re a man in India, you face pretty hefty persecution should you choose to sleep with a woman who isn’t your wife. If you’re the woman, however, you get off scot-free.

It Is Illegal to Kiss On The Railways – France

France, amongst other things, is home of the city of love, the capital of romance and huge, heart-felt gestures. If you get caught kissing on the railways in France, however, things might not turn out so well for you. In 1910, a law was released across France which prevented couples from kissing on the railways to avoid delays on train journeys. Punctuality clearly stands for no hanky-panky and if you were caught holding up the train, it was pretty serious back in the day.

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