You’ll Never Guess What This Scottish Swimmer Found On A Beach

Morag Paterson normally takes a swim in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. She went to take her normal dip, but then discovered something very shocking — a bag of human ashes! Paterson noticed the bag had a metal ID tag on it, so she set out to discover whose remains these were. Paterson said, “I was down at the East Beach, about to take the usual dip in the sea, and there, right in front of me, was a smallish, solid looking polythene bag. It had a silver tag attached to a wire closure.”

The ID tag had “Central Michigan Crematory, Battle Creek, MI” printed on it, along with an identification number on it. This is all the information that Paterson needed, as she reached out to the US crematorium through an email. The firm forwarded her email to the funeral home staff and they reached out to the man’s family, who happened to be Alfred Hopwood, a US marine that served in World War II, but was born in Nairn, where the East Beach is located.

The remains were dropped in Moray Firth, which is close to where the man grew up. However, they washed up on shore and Paterson luckily found them and is now in close contact with the family. She said she will keep a close eye on the ashes until the family decides what to do with them.

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