Young Ohio Boy Steals $25,000 From Grandfather And Hands Out $100 Bills To Classmates

It would seem a young Ohio boy has taken to heart the old Robin Hood myth of “robbing from the rich to giving to the poor”. The 13-year-old has been accused of stealing $25,000 from his 83-year-old grandfather, but he did not spend it on himself; rather, he proceeded to hand out $100 bills to his classmates at Claggett Middle School.

The boy managed to get away with his illegal generosity for nearly a month but has finally been caught and charged with delinquency for theft from the elderly. The boy was charged as a juvenile. Authorities claim the boy gave away thousands of dollars, and unfortunately investigators were able to reclaim only a small portion of the stolen money, as much of the sum had already been spent by the high school students.

Furthermore, one of the boy’s older friends, a 14-year-old, was charged with delinquency as well for accepting some of the stolen money. According to police, this older friend then gave money to his own grandparents, whom he lives with. The grandparents then proceeded to take the boy on a nice shopping spree. As of now, the grandparents have not been charged, and the prosecutor in charge of the case, Dean Holman, has not revealed whether the grandparents will be pursued by the law.

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